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by | Apr 15, 2022

During the last few years, the hospitality industry has risen to the challenge of the incessant restrictions and lockdowns.

We are very fortunate that our town of Aurora embraces the local eateries and bars and welcome the diversity of ethnic and multi cultural cuisines.

Personally speaking, I’ve spent the last four decades (plus) working and growing several very successful and respectable establishments within the Canadian and American Food Industry, proudly, passionately and whole-heartedly.

Perspective in our line of work is everything.

For the first time in my life, I got to step back and see the industry, the business and the community, in a completely different light.

Most of the companies I represented over the years were Franchise driven and at the end of the day, we were fulfilling other people’s dreams.

Our brand, Wicked Eats, was conceived and planned to fall back to a time when life was about only good food, spirits and excellent personal service; not the value of shares or real estate.

Easter is about rebirth and new beginnings.  I am overwhelmed with feelings when I think about the countless blessings in my life at this moment in time, and how I feel coming to work every day in comparison to the last forty years.

Wicked optimism = believing in what you’re doing 110% and opening a restaurant during a (so far) two year pandemic.

Our Wicked Team has been instrumental in making the personal connections with the great patrons from the past.  We want everyone to know that we appreciate the incredible support.

Thank you for opening your hearts and your mouths to my family’s recipes and our intentions to provide Aurora with a reliably delicious and enjoyable experience each and every time you dine with us.

Enjoy your time with your families over this Easter holiday weekend and remember that we are here (closed Good Friday but open as usual Saturday onward) just in case you want to #getwicked for your dinner table at home or if you’re looking for #wickedeats experience in-house, we’re always glad to see you.

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