Pastalicious at Wicked Eats – Pasta for the Masses!

by | Feb 23, 2022

Sophistication is a word one might associate with rare and expensive.  At least when it comes to food.

Not so.

The reality of sophistication is about expanding one’s horizons, strengthening one’s pallet and building a knowledge of ingredients, textures and flavours.  That could mean any and everything.  Truly.  If it’s new to you, then you are just that little bit more sophisticated.  Not a bad deal there.

Again, we’re talkin’ food here.  And to be specific, this is all about pasta!

Familiar favourites such as Spaghetti and Meatballs are a big part of the comfort food framework.  It brightens our plates in Summer and sticks to our ribs in Winter.  While trusted dishes like that have earned their place, it’s a good idea to invite new recipes and tastes into our meals because who knows what else might end up in the pantheon of familiar favourites.

Wicked Eats Kitchen + Bar is throwing down that very gauntlet with a thoughtfully chosen array of pasta creations at Wicked prices.


FIVE beyond delightfully Wicked choices that come with your choice of Salad and a helping of Garlic Bread.  You have the month of February to tuck into Pastalicious!

  1. Spaghetti Carbonara
  2. Baked Tortellini
  3. Amatriciana Spaghetti
  4. Seafood Mac n’ Cheese
  5. Sausage & Pepper Penne

We do hope you’ll join us before the month ends – if there’s something you want to see STAY on the menu, let us know!  We love your feedback and nothing makes us happier than to satisfy YOUR wicked cravings!

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